Save the Salamanders


7 years ago I was running a one year school project in biology for Bergianska trädgården/ Bergius Botanic Garden, a large botanic garden open to the public in northern Stockholm. It’s a beautiful place! My team had the mission to analyze the Japanese Pond, a pond known for hosting an endangered species of Salamander that was threatened due to the eutrophication of the water.

Save the salamanders

The Japanese Pond at Bergius Botanic Gardens

A few days ago I visited it again, and I’m happy to say that it contains thousands of little salamander babies! Turns out, the extra growth in vegetation due to the eutrophication serves as an excellent hiding place for the little salamanders. A fun surprise 7 years later.

Orangeriet bergianska trädgården

Also worth a visit is the conservatory for a brunch!

Bergianska trädgården

And the beautiful greenhouses. Did you know that these giant waterlilies are strong enough to hold up human babies?

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Ready for the big move


It’s been an intense first month with IKEA, and an even more intense private life as I’m packing up my life and saying goodbye to everybody. I really look forward to moving into my new pretty apartment, and joining my new team in Helsingborg! I’m trying not to rush through my last two weeks here, and enjoy the last days. But I’m so excited that I find it hard not to be living in the future! It’s the ENTJ curse.

Rebecca Ahlstrand

Cheers to my first move without a set return date!

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