Information Technology meets Industrial Management


The final year is flying by and it’s crazy to think that my time at KTH is coming to an end soon. I’m studying a program that in Swedish is called Civilingenjör, which roughly translates to a Master of Science in Engineering. During my first three years, correlating to a bachelors degree, I studied Information Technology. During the final two years that I’m currently doing, correlating to a masters degree, I’m studying Industrial Management.

The IT program offered different focus areas and I chose hardware methods, which means that I got to play around with building robots! My team had so much fun creating a robot with the purpose of scouting humans in situations that are risky to engage in, for example during a fire or after a natural disaster. The robot used a combination of 3 different sensors to locate and evaluate life. For my bachelor thesis I proposed a solution to the IT and management consulting company Netlight. Me and my partner actually became their first ever bachelor thesis students! We created guidelines for software development teams with high team member turnover to improve their teamwork.


KTH Campus library, a lot of coffee illegally consumed here..

As I started my masters program I was thrown into a new world and absolutely loved it! The work style was very independent and free from authority, but much more demanding. Imagine Lord of the Flies but with a class of highly ambitious and well dressed young engineers. Deadly.

The program in Industrial Management is designed for students with a profound engineering background who aim to take leadership positions in industrial and technology-based organisations.

My focus have been on Entrepreneurship and I spent a semester at the National University of Singapore Business School studying a minor in Technopreneurship. I started my own company, worked with investors, did entrepreneurial marketing and worked full time at a tech startup parallel to my studies. This whole semester during my final year has a focus on entrepreneurship. I’m currently working for a large IT company in FinTech with a main focus on their relationship to FinTech startups. As for the coming semester and my master thesis, I’m currently in discussions with a tech startup in Stockholm dealing with gamification. Exciting times!

Innovational Technology, Leadership & Entrepreneurship

To summarize, while the IT program had focused on problem solving, the Industrial Management program focuses on identifying and defining the problem. A killer combo with my background in IT. During the IT program I became interested in innovational technology, during the IM master it has been leadership, and during my specialization: Entrepreneurship.

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