Networking event with EF Education First


A few weeks ago I was contacted by EF and invited to their event at the beautiful Nobel Museum in Stockholm. The keynote speaker was Enio Ohmaye, Chief Experience Officer at EF and former Senior Scientist at Apple. Not to mention a Ph.D in AI… May I say that it was incredible.

Enio spoke about the transformation that experiences abroad give you, and it left me feeling warm all over with memories of my own endeavors. Two of which was together with EF! My first real big trip was to Bournemouth for a summer in 2008, followed by Shanghai for a summer in 2009 and Beijing  for the last half of 2010. After that it seems that Asia just keeps calling my name. Huawei Technologies invited me to work as a Trainee in their HQ in Shenzhen 2015 and then of course, my dreamy and productive time in Singapore 2016.

I’ve long been thinking about what’s important for me in a career, and for the first time my rather blurry image became a bit clearer. While I already knew that I want innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation, today I also fund some new values. Namely the opportunity to have an unpredictable life! I don’t want to know what the details of my life will look like in 5 years, I only have guidelines of what I think is good to aim for, but they should remain agile. The country or position is not as important. 


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