Quick visit in Singapore!


After only a few months away I booked a return ticket to get back to lovely Singapore. Try as you might, I just can’t seem to stay away from Asia! One way or another I always come back, this time around to look at future prospects for my career.

The last time I lived in Singapore (the spring and summer of 2016) I was working with tech startup Viddsee as a manager for trending content (can be found at their BUZZ website!). Alongside of my time with Viddsee, I was studying the NUS Overseas Collages program at NUS Business School. Such a fun experience! I got to start a company with 6 super ambitious business students and pitch to 21 investors, do a huge study on Viddsee and do hands on entrepreneurial marketing.


I did a major business case based on Viddsee

This time around I hit up some of the investors that I met during the spring. One of which is a former employee of Google who put me in contact with Google Stockholm for a collaboration with the NGO I’m managing right now. Turns out they’ve already planned to meet with us. It’s a small world! I also met with one of the co founders of 2Stallions who are participating in NUS Overseas Collages and will have a student from KTH joining them this spring. Finally, I met with my lovely team from Viddsee. I’m thankful that I was able to get the time away from the final year at my M.Sc. program and get some quality time with Singapore!

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