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This August I started working as  project manager for a NGO that I first got involved in as a mentor back in 2015: Pepp. Pepp’s vision is to see more women engineers! Technical studies is so much more than math and physics and the possibilities after an engineering degree are exciting and many! We want to show this to more girls and help them on their future career path. Pepp is a mentorship program that helps girls in high school to get connected with women engineering students. Together they form a mentorship and attend inspiring events  with cool companies where they get to try out everything from coding, case-solving and presentations in different technical areas.

The NGO’s mission is to redefine the image about engineering. Pepp does this by breaking down prejudice while creating, identifying and showing off female role models! Currently, Pepp has had over 300 participants since 2013 and this year we’ll be closing in on almost 500. The program exist in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Luleå and Umeå in Sweden and have collaborations with Ericsson, Volvo, Bontouch and Alten among others.


Can you say: Fika?

Right now I’m working on the team and preparing for a big meeting we have coming up this Sunday. I’m psyched to finally have the opportunity to run this amazing project! Ever since I was a mentor in the spring of 2015, I’ve wanted to become a bigger part of the organization as well as the market. But first thing’s first: The separate parts of the team exists, now it needs to become a team. And what better way to start than with some fun activities and the traditional Swedish Fika (coffee and cinnamon buns). Not so unexpected problem in a NGO #1: Money to pay for fika.

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