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  Most of the time we cannot really choose exactly the people that we interact with. Coming from a long educational background I’ve had my fair share of randomly selected groups. If there is something that I’ve learnt from this, it’s that I need to learn how to deal with any type of person. It’s not up to me to change them into the person I want them to be. It is however up to me to learn how to deal with them. Learning how to find and integrate their strengths to the team. Either that or sitting back and taking it. Which frankly does not come naturally to me.


So we can’t always chose the people around us, except for one major area: our friends. Good company equals good influence.

Be inspired by the passive aggressive act of unfollowing people in social media, and unfollow people in real life. Because if they are not making you want to be a better person or make you happy, what position do they really fill? I find that I’ve got enough troublesome input from the world as it is whiteout me consciously choosing the add even more to it. So as an unruly act: curate your input. Put a filter on it and remove the spam. This does not mean that you have to burn any bridges, in fact try to leave them intact.

In the last two years, the majority of my successes has been inspired by good company. My sources of inspiration include dedicated mentors, friends and role models. I honestly believe that I’m running alongside the future leaders and innovators of the world. And the ones that are not as career oriented: well they are amazing in other ways. Making me think differently and ultimately: are just very fun and great friends.


Many years ago I asked my friend what he considered to be the best thing he got form his education with KTH (my university). He replied that it was his network. I din’t really understand in back then. Now I do. The network is amazing, and does not only include people from the university. It binds the most dedicated, passionate and high achieving people throughout the organizations that span across SSE, KTH, KI and all of our partner universities around the world.


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