The old man and the sea


Last Friday I came home from an incredible dinner with not only fun company and great wine, but the best saffron flavored fish I’ve had in my life! As I came home, I experienced a true living-in-the-moment.. moment. Feeling warm and happy I decided to lay down on the floor next to my bookcase. I was also feeling kind of like a starfish, but not the point of the story. I started looking at all of my books and thinking about when I’ve read them. I truly consider them to be among the most valuable things in my apartment.


Seeing each and everyone of them brought back so many memories, and reading the titles one by one I realized that each one of them symbolizes something to me. Usually a need I had at that time. In no particular order other than the way they are standing in my bookcase..

Lord of the Flies – when I wanted to understand people
Deception Point – when I dreamt about studying at KTH Royal Institute of Technology 
The Picture of Dorian Gray –
when I was enamored, traveling Malaysia and crying in a taxi
The Golden Year –
when I wanted to learn and accept
#Girlboss – when I was betrayed, disappointed, sick and without reception on a mountain in Bali
Animal Farm – when I wanted perspective
Memoirs of a Geisha –
when I was dreaming of traveling the world
Jane Eyre –
when one love was over and I wanted to understand if it had been real
1984 –
when I wanted to challenge my perspective
The Industries of the Future – when I wanted to learn generalizability and enjoy a gift
Kinesen –
 when I wanted to hold on to a memory and a culture
The Iron Lady –
when I wanted to feel conversant
Fahrenheit 451 –
when I wanted a new perspective
Great Expectations –
when I was cold in the winter and wanted to dream myself away
Analfabeten –
when I wanted a distraction from my thoughts
Meningen med hela skiten –
when I wanted to analyze and reflect
The Old Man and the Sea –
when I wanted to understand myself. Also when I had to search every store in Singapore and honeypot a hipster to give the book to someone important
The Book of Universes –
when I was looking for something new
The Alchemist –
when I was told that I was already doing it, a gift from someone important
Cat in the House –
when I wanted to laugh until I cried
Making it up as I go Along –
when I wanted a lifestyle mentor with perspective
The Code Book –
when I thought that I was supposed to love what everybody else told me to love

As opportunity had it, the place we ate dinner at had a bar with Ernest Hemingway theme. Complete with a large Marlin over the bar.


My reading material in Singapore this spring

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