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This week has been crazy when it comes to work applications, despite the fact that it’s 10 months until I’ll actually start working. Lucky me I have some good friends to talk about the future with, and this week I’ve had a focus on my personal values and expectations in my future career. As I’ve listened to my friends over the last week I realized that what I value differs a lot from my peers at the moment. While some value the opportunity to buy a home, have a stable and prestigious job or know what to expect from their career ladder, my thoughts are on something different.


What I want and look for in my upcoming work for the fall is the opportunity to work close with management and have my own private mentor that I can learn from, daily. Mentoring is a huge part of who I am after so many years as a mentor myself and with career and life mentors. I’ve come to the decision that I want to find my own personal role model that I can learn directly from.

I want to listen in on investment meetings. Discuss strategies while moving from one scenario to another. I want to pitch my ideas and have them taken apart and put back together again. Learn from their mistakes. Understand their way of thinking. You could call it my own private teacher in strategy.

The second thing I value is an international setting. I want to travel around. Often. See a company through its headquarters, factories, customers, clients and investors. I am looking for a company that can offer me a global view. Staying in one place for a long period of time still makes me cringe, while exploring new places makes me thrive.

I’ve heard from companies that finding people that wants to relocate often is hard (why?! it’s the dream!). So I’m excited to see if it’s true and if so, if there are any exciting companies out there with a mentoring culture.


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