Lessons learnt


I’m thrilled. And kind of excited. And kind of impressed! The semester I’m currently doing at my university and master program is known for being absolutely exhausting. It’s a combination of..

– finishing all stray courses
– running 3 major projects (one of which has a company as stakeholder and client)
– applying for a master thesis
– applying for jobs
– every side project we are running
– side jobs

Basically many of my classmates are exhausted. I on the other hand, have had the most chill semester since the second year. But my schedule is definitely not chill. So how? The answer is a shift in priorities. This year I’ve had a focus on finding new interests, and it has worked so well! I have much more energy to do a good job in school. Instead of spending 14 hours a day studying and working, I’ve spent 6 – 9 hours with at least one day off per week. I’m so much more effective. I’m much calmer. I deliver higher quality.

I’d like to say that this is truly personal development. Realizing a need and then trying out ways to find something sustainable. It’s quite a good lesson learnt, perhaps one of the best ones in 2016 for me!


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