Preparations for my Master Thesis


Over the years I’ve made sure to connect to some really great mentors. They’ve provided me with advice and connections, and have always been a great source of motivation. As of this spring, thanks to one of them I’ve even found my master thesis. My Mentor Britta Forsberg is the CEO of a HR Advisory startup in Stockholm, which is the company I’ll be doing my master thesis at!


I’ll be working together with Linnea Ahlgren, a woman that I’ve lived, studied and started a company with in Singapore. We’re incredibly excited to be working with the company’s business model and strategies! During the upcoming spring and summer you’ll find me and Linnea at Epicenter, Stockholms first digital innovation house.


Off to a great start. CEO Britta Forsberg and me on the front page of my university, the Royal Institute of Technology!

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