+1 Year


I’m ready for the new week, where I’ll turn 26! Last year when I turned 25 I was in Singapore surrounded by 6(!) roommates. I celebrated with friends for a week with a big finale in Langkawi.


This year won’t be quite as extravagant. But like I said when I was asked how it feels to be 26: great. I’ve come further than I could have imagined me doing at 26 when I was younger. Which is actually surprising because I have quite the imagination and incredibly high expectations. But as of the last few weeks. A lot has happened that can only be considered proof of how far I’ve come. So I’ll embrace 26 and make the most of it, happy that I started working so hard all those years ago.

So for 26 I’ll simply gather my troops and have an amazing day. In my hometown Stockholm.


Of course I had an amazing birthday celebration. How can it not be amazing when you’re on a jetski?

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