IM Master Honorary Award



My masters programme hands out one single award to each batch of engineers. It’s awarded to the most innovative solution and best performance in a 6 month change management project together with a company as client. Yesterday, my team was awarded that one single award! I’m so excited, even though I think that we truly did do an amazing job, I’m still surprised because so did the rest of our class. I even think that the presentations that were held in that course were better than many of the master thesis presentations I saw yesterday.

It’s been an honor working with the team, and now after, we’re spread out over Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden! Haha definitely the most travel-spirited team! We all went away for international working and study opportunities as often as we could during our studies. Just goes to show that travels does good things for you!


I started out my engineering studies by failing the first semester in preparatory physics and math. Now I’ve finished at the top. Never underestimate the power of a supportive network and very hard work. Give yourself time to adjust and don’t give up. Being unsuccessful your first, second or eight attempt is not the same as failing indefinitely, as long as you don’t admit defeat. Learn from it. Do it again. Celebrate your successes on the way. Enjoy conquering the seemingly impossible.

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