Do you like change?


I’ve heard different motivations for how adaptable one can be to change (Perhaps the best one: “I have no problem changing to a new brand of müsli”). As I’ve been preparing for my 5th move in the recent 2.5 years, I’ve received a lot of different opinions from the people around me. The most common ones being “globe trotter” (I’m flattered, but there are real globe trotters out there who are actually trotting the globe) and the popular “you must be restless/fearless/independent!“.

I will not let you in on the dirty details of my inner motivational speech. But I will take pride in my ability to quickly assemble and dissemble any and/or all furniture and electronics around me during the move. Sometimes with the help of dad on FaceTime. I consider that mostly independent in my twenties. I should be able to successfully renovate a kitchen and build a sauna in my thirties. Will let you know how that goes.



Not sure if I will choose strawberries and wine as my last meal when I’m in my thirties.


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