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I’ve gotten the assignment to present my life: with no time limit. The important moments, decisions and people.

As soon as I heard the task, I knew that a lot of work will go into this project. Today I started going through old pictures, and I’m exhausted. So much has happened. I’m digging around among memories and feelings that I’ve sometimes buried for a reason.

This is a very clever assignment for many reasons, and I’m happy that I’ll be doing it. But it’s already given me a headache, my heart is racing from stress and a load of anxiety. Thankfully, my life has been a very good one. So it’s also fun to go through all of the events and people of my life. But the hard times has also defined me, so they will not go unseen in this assignment.

There seems to be an interesting pattern: moments tend to be the hardships that I’ve gone through. Choices are positive, energizing and empowering. And the people I’ve chosen are the ones that have been supportive through different events, and the ones that continuously challenge me to be a better version of myself.

Have you done something like this? What was your experience?


All I want to do after this day is lie in a forest somewhere and clear my mind. Which, as you can tell, I’m very good at.

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  • Linda
    September 8, 2017

    I would be overwhelmed! Good luck 🙂

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