Make us feel alive


When I was in Singapore last year, I was told that everything that makes our heart beat faster and make us feel alive, is to be treasured. I was out running in the rainstorm yesterday, and they really weren’t kidding about the wind here. It’s a great way to feel alive. Running against the wind, drenched in cold rain and with some good old fashioned Swedish House Mafia to set the mood!

But I try to remember this in stressful situations too, for example, when I did my first presentation at IKEA in Älmhult. I was surprised to find a grand audience consisting of not only trainees and supervisors, but also many key people in the organisation(s)! That day I was so nervous that I couldn’t eat at all. I remember talking to so many people before my presentation, but I don’t remember who I talked to, or what we talked about.

It made my heart race. It made me very, very present in the moment (talk about my meditative skills coming in handy). And ultimately, I think it was the best presentation I ever held. I even dare to say that it was fun! Plus I got to try out some new speech techniques and tricks.

And I love pulling off a good social experiment. 


Before the storm hit. Wave hi to Denmark!

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