Gadgets equals freedom


I’m typically not that into new tech gadgets, and the few I’ve had over the years usually hang on for a really long time.

Like my MacBook Air, 6.5 years old and still going strong!

But I’ve got to say that my latest investment is amazing. I just hooked up my new iPhone 8 to a pair of wireless (cordless) in-ear headphones. And wow. THE FREEDOM! I can listen to music with my phone in the other room! I can listen to music while being disconnected, physically and mentally!

This is so valuable to me. I know that my generation gets so much thrown at them for always being connected. But I’m noticing a strong trend among my closest friends that we disconnect more and more. The time of constant notifications and vibrations is gone. I disconnect as much as I can, and only really use a few apps. Even then, notifications and sound are turned off. I’m so happy that my new set of tech gadgets actually helps me even more to disconnect. Now I can listen to music from my phone without having my phone next to me!

I’ll say it again, freedom!


Actual footage of me testing my new setup

And lets be realistic. Few women have clothes with pockets accessible to our phones while it’s connected. The phone goes in your hand or disconnected and in your bag, without music. We can walk the walk again! Wireless!


Now we want big pockets! Get a grip fashion retailers. IKEA is making wireless charging stations in their furniture. Big pockets or wireless charging wearables, you choose.

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