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It’s a cool thing working with operations. It means that we can’t only think about how the work today will affect the future outcome. We also need to understand that how work today will affect the systems that we have up and running: today. It’s very reactive work in that sense.

I’m happy that my first position is where the action happens, because I think it will help greatly once I work in a more strategical position. It’s good to understand how things work today in order to understand how it can be improved. But, it can also create a filter of “that’s not how it’s done” which can block your view from potential new solutions.


In one of my projects I’m working with IKEA Digital’s roadmap activities. This week I presented our progress to the organisation

Overall it’s very cool working with global IT operations! It’s also crazy to think that I’m working with the people who make it work. Globally. 24/7. Because what happens to the business if the online shop goes down for 2 hours? Or if the cash register systems stop working? I feel like I’m in a movie when I see the IT operations teams work to solve problems!

It’s an interesting mix between constantly adapting to new problems that pop up everywhere, and trying to create long term solutions that will help the business.

My current project could be described as an emergency task force. It’s the crash course of a lifetime to work with people who are experts and have 15 or 20 years+ worth of experience in the technology. I couldn’t have imagined a better job as a trainee! I get to be everywhere, work with inspiring specialists and skilled leaders.


And a challenge is to get busy people to listen and act. So I’m happy to practice my presentation skills whenever I can!

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