Management Trainee, and then what?


I’m back from beautiful Hamburg and am running on my final energy before christmas: I just applied for my degrees from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Apparently it could have been done months ago, but I’m doing it now.

This Christmas I will be working, but luckily it will include a lot of reflection, because it’s time for me to start applying for my next position!

As a trainee at IKEA, you’re offered so many amazing opportunities. But it does demand that you go through yet another round of job applications (and the first one was just draining, I feel you guys that are going through that now). The positive side of this is that I now have a good network within IKEA, someone to vouch for me internally, understanding of our operations and +1 year of experience. The bad thing is that it is actually a job application process, and those are always a bit draining.

I’m choosing to see this as an opportunity to find an even more fun position! And while IKEA is of course my first choice, if I don’t find anything that suits me or a position where I’m wanted, there are always more companies out there. But I’m enjoying my time too much to look outside at the moment 🙂


The beautiful countryside of northern Germany

On the train ride back from Hamburg I started working on a mindmap (first time ever) to figure out kind of what my thoughts are on the next position. I don’t want to make it too strict and miss out on anything unexpected. But I also have some criteria that I’d like to check off.

Since it was a while since I did this kind of planning, I had forgotten how important it is to be kind to myself in the process. I ended up with crazy high expectations on myself, which is not positive. So I had to back down and remind myself that I’m in fact only 26 years old. And that I’ve already accomplished so much. And then all of a sudden, reaching a certain goal at 30 seems pretty amazing, instead of being a negative force that drives me.

I think this is a constant learning, to zoom out and remember the bigger picture. Remembering why I go for certain goals, and not just doing it because it looks good or because my mind says that I have to. And then taking the time to enjoy working towards that goal, which I personally do by reflecting!

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