Co-hosting GIANTS 2018!


I’m so happy and proud to say that I’ll be this years host at KTH’s event: The Future Needs GIANTS! The event that celebrates female role models in IT, computer science and electrotechnology!

My co-host Aroshine Munasinghe is this badass Computer Science engineer who’s been working with Spotify, IBM and currently as in-house UX designer for SAS. On top of that she’s an inspirational speaker and last year, she was MY inspirational speaker during the first Pepp event of the year 2017! Talk about a power duo right here.

The glam and glory of hosting a day like this feels almost surreal to think about a day like this, when sore muscles from Squash and period pains has me beat. I’m so looking forward to meet all of the amazing young women that are coming to this event! February 17th, be ready!

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