IT DevOps recommendation


A recommendation for all of you that plan on going into IT development or IT operations at any level!

I know that a main struggle when applying for jobs, coming from university, is that we don’t really know what the “real” world is all about. I’ve been reading The Phoenix Project, and it’s is amazing. Such a great way to get an overview of what IT DevOps is all about, and the situations that occur.

Although it’s quite dramatic and a fictional story, it’s a great learning experience! Especially from a managerial point of view. So for any of you who think of going into IT DevOps, check it out! I actually tried it out on audiobook, there’s a bunch of free trials that you can get which is enough to finish the book.

So if you plan on reading anything this year, let it be this book!


jk, jk. I’m too new to make jokes like this.

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