Why I joined IKEA


I love that I get to work with creating cool environments for people to live in, while in a cool environment to work in! Interior design really is a passion of mine, but never something that I though that I’d actually work with!

Since I started working at IKEA in August, I’ve had to answer the question about why I joined about 100 times. The answer changing every time. But just last week I think I managed to find the real why behind my interest for the company.

I will tell you from the start that it’s not by any means grand. I’m not going to pretend that it was for our strong values* or great impact on charities or anything like that, which is a common and totally valid answer. *The values are after all maybe not the reason that I joined, but a reason that I want to stay.

My first and most shallow reasons are the following: brand and rumors. The brand is connected to many positive aspects of the industry and it will look good on my future CV. And all rumors I’ve heard about IKEA are positive in the sense that it is a great working place. So quite shallow but valid reasons.

But, the good ones I actually found last week, and it/they/however many there might be in here, are connected to my lifestyle.

I’ve lived in a lot of different places over the last few years: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Bournemouth, around in Stockholm and Helsingborg. It’s always amazed me that I can be living in such a different place as compared to what I’m used to, and still make it feel like a home. That home can be in many different places, if you care enough to build one. So I’ve always spent a great deal of effort to secure that my home in each place is a safe zone.

I’ve always seen my home as a safe place where I can return to rest, recharge, reflect, chill out, walk around naked (unfortunately this is rude when you have roomies), hang out with friends, have a spa day or whatever I feel like.

A few years ago I lived in one place where I didn’t ever feel like I could make it my own home, it really stressed me out! When my home runs smoothly, it gives me power to perform. When I don’t feel secure or homey at home, I become anxious and low performing. I want to feel like I can welcome people over and have them enjoy my home just as much as me (not necessarily to the point that they walk around naked)(depends on the guest). The quality of the home has a huge impact on my well being.

So combining this: working and living in many different places, while always having a nice home: global lifestyle, global career and interior design. IKEA. It works for me. There are many other companies that fits the description as well, I’m sure. But this time around, IKEA was the company that called, and I answered!

Pictures from today when I was at IKEA Creative Hub in Malmö!

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