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These last two weeks has given me a new wave of energy! One of my biggest passions is mentorships. It took me quite a while to realize that it’s something that I want to work with, not just spend and hour with every now and then. Whenever I get the question of what I’m the most proud over, it’s being project manager for the charity Pepp, that creates a mentorship program over 6 months. It’s without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever done when it comes to the result of the work and the way it made me feel.


Event at Dome of Visions with Pepp!

I made a lot of mistakes as a leader in that team, but I also did a lot of good things! I may have doubted certain steps along the way, but overall that project was a complete success, and I loved what I had created. It made me feel good in my entire body and mind. And how often do we get to experience that? Reflecting on this I realize that I want to work with this. So how can I do that?


So happy to present a case study in user experience at our event with design firm Bontouch! Engineers get to work with the coolest stuff!

I don’t want to leave technology behind, because it’s just so cool. I love to hear about the new ways we can use artificial intelligence to tailor experiences, analyse behaviors, predict outcomes. Everything! I constantly find myself being drawn to the opportunities that exist with this kind of technology, always wanting to be at the forefront.

Surely there’s a way to work with both this kind of high tech while inspiring and helping others! I just need to figure out how.

~ thought process on my way to Älmhult this morning

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