I need a better suitcase


Sometimes I feel like i never sleep in my own bed. Then I realize that I willingly go all over the place, all the time. Last two weeks has had me like:

Mon – Älmhult
Tues – Älmhult
Wed – Älmhult
Thur – Älmhult
Fri – Vienna
Sat – Vienna
Sun – Vienna
Mon – Malmö, Helsingborg
Tues – Helsingborg, Malmö
Wed – Helsingborg, Malmö
Thur – Helsingborg, Copenhagen
Fri – Älmhult
Sat – Copenhagen
Sun – Helsingborg

And before that it was Stockholm for 2 weeks, before that.. trainee programme week in Älmhult, weekend in Hamburg, weekend in Copenhagen.. and it goes on and on. Consider this humble bragging. I love it. But now, I kind of miss my bed and will spend some quality time with it for at least a few days.


All this traveling also made me give in and finally invest in a good carry on. I went for Horizn Studios. I became easy pray for their lifestyle Instagram page. Like daaaamn yas give me those japanese wheels.


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