I love to travel


The actual travel part of going somewhere is so addictive! I love to watch the world go by outside my train I or airplane window. It makes me think of all the places be seen and get an understanding of how it’s all connected. And even better, it gives me perspective on my everyday life.

Sometimes thinking about a certain place feels like thinking about a different life. Like looking back at my time in China or Singapore. But the place is not any less real now then when I was there. And it makes me happy and a bit tingly to think that in a few years I’ll think back on that year when I was living in Helsingborg. And it will feel like a million miles away, yet it’s just as real.

Every place I’ve lived has so much to offer, but they’ve been completely different from each other. It has been just as possible to create an interesting life, even if most things that happen are unexpected.

Right now I’m on the train from Helsingborg to Göteborg to visit with my old university friends. We met when we were all mentors for Pepp back in 2015.

I’ve slept way too little, but I have coffee, a cinnamon bun and the sunrise over the Skåne landscape just outside my window. Won’t complain!

Downtown Göteborg

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