Jumping on AI


In management there are a variety of tools that can be used to describe the way that people learn, act, reason, communicate etc. They are models and frameworks that can be used in order to better adapt your leadership style for each person and figure out how you best can lead your team. As I’ve studied these models I’ve also done the assessments myself in order to understand how I work. So after years of studying these models, I find myself thinking “that was such a type 3 learning style thing to say”, “I’m really in development phase 2 right now” or “I’m having a very IF day for an ENTJ today” (yes I’m a total geek).

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading up on artificial intelligence (AI) over the last few months and I’ve reflected over my reaction to each article. I find myself wanting to jump intuitively at each opportunity to implement AI, and my head is spinning with ideas for different relevant areas and problems that it could solve. This is a very type 3 learning style thing to do (type 3 can be described as a get shit done type of person, interested in how I use my new knowledge to succeed).

At the same time, I find myself trying to slow down and not act on my instinct. Trying to be more reflective on if I need more knowledge to succeed with my new vision or if I have enough to start working and then find more info on my way. I think this is a tough balance. Because at some point you’re wasting time when you’re only reading up on more facts and not just getting to work. At the same time, by finding more facts you can succeed faster by avoiding certain pitfalls. But I don’t want to sit around a lifetime just reading more and more, never daring to take the leap. So where is the tipping point? The golden point where you know enough (to get started), and make it happen (while learning more along the way)? I think every innovator in the world is trying to find that sweet spot.

“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt” – Bertrand Russel

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