Great teamwork!


Me and Aroshine had so much fun on stage during the GIANTS festival last weekend! It was the first time we worked directly together and we had all our meetings and preparations over Skype, as we’re living on different sides of Sweden. It worked like a charm and I hope it’s not the last time I get to go up on stage with her!

This right here is what I aspire to! Inspiring colleagues, working for important causes that we’re passionate about, and having fun! I wish every workday could be like this!

As I’m taking my next step after the IKEA management programme, this is what I’m looking for in my next role. The cause and the team.

Too often I forget to treat work like playtime and just make it more fun. I think that’s the key to building passion and engagement from everyone. Less emailing, less meetings, less bureaucracy, more brainstorming and listening!

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