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My name is Rebecca! Growing up, I was told that if I work hard and smart enough, I can achieve anything. That is the naive and blind determination that I use to take on each new challenge I face.

My goal is to understand complex concepts and then figure out how to use these concepts to create a better life for people. I enjoy taking on projects that at first seem impossible, and then conquering them. It makes me feel invincible!

I wish with all of my heart that I was born into a later stage of space exploration.


Welcome to my blog! It’s mostly about my everyday working life and thoughts on my career, which is a high focus area in my life right now. I currently travel about 200 days per year, some with work and much on my free time!

I enjoy learning about space, physics, AI and Machine Learning, and psychology. I get my energy from empowering networks, mentorships, traveling, and discussing ideas and concepts.

Because I caught the flu last week I ended up in an involuntary coffee detox that I decided to try to stick to. I really hope that you’ll enjoy my blog, even though my mind is a bit slower than usual.

Finally: I’m glad that you’re here! Let me know if you want to know anything special, otherwise I’ll just blab on about whatever I feel like for the day. These days it’ll most likely be about AI or travels.

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