Product development at IKEA


This week I’m visiting our business area Kitchen & Dining, which is led by my mentor! I’m joining in on strategy meetings for product development and innovation for the upcoming year. Prepped by reading about our product range strategy from now until 2022.

It means that I’m having some early mornings and late nights in order to go between Helsingborg and Älmhult. But it’s totally worth it to learn so many new things! Plus I got to say hi to the entire team with 150+ people!

Product development is so hands on! This meeting they literally brought up the new line of chairs in the meeting room to discuss differences in design process, and how it affects the resulting model and pricing. Look at it, feel it, sit on it, move it around, stack it, discuss the numbers. Super fun and exciting to be a part of!

Visited a former management trainee last week who now works with New Business and Innovation! Cool product and business innovations going on there!

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