In all the different places


I love to think about all the different places I’ve been, and how life continues there after my own visit. I wrote a short entry on it a few weeks ago as I was on the train on my way to Gothenburg, you can read the entry here.

A very intriguing thought I have is when I think about all the people that I have met, and what they are doing right now. How one friends is stopping to take in the amazing view on a mountain top in the alps, taking a deep breath and thanking herself for taking the time to travel. Another just came home from work in Singapore and is heading out for a late night swim in the pool, 7 hours ahead in time from myself. Someone is studying for her finals, pulling her hair out over a certain equation. And then there’s my colleague in the room next to mine, deep in thought over her upcoming work trip to China.

I love to think of all the different places I’ve been, and how new people are walking on those streets right now. And to think about my friends, family, coworkers, the people I’ve dated. What their day looks like. What they’re thinking about. Worrying about. Happy about! It’s a sense of security for me to know that each person and place still exist, still move on through time, even though I can’t see them.


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