Values in the digital


The people who define, build and implement digital systems are also the people who build in values in those systems. They consider factors like user experience, is it easy to use? Does it make the user happy to use it? Is the user more positive about the system after using it than before?

So much of the interface to the digital systems we use are based on our emotional response. The little red notification is one example. But how about a step deeper into the digital? What happens beyond the layer of aesthetics?

While our human brain does not have the same computing power as and actual computer when it comes to logical problems such as calculations, it is still the foundation of our humanity. It’s the way we make decisions based on emotional and logical responses.

Next week I’m making a podcast together with my colleague (former Captain) Monaco on the topic of how we can integrate our values into the systems that we build. Seems kind of fluffy and holistic at first, but considering that the company we work for are specialized at producing physical products that incorporate a certain set of values, why shouldn’t we be able to do it in digital products? And if so, how would we go about doing that?

If people are the ones that build in values into a system, how do we make sure that the right people are implementing them? Just like a steering group becomes more efficient with a diversity of participants, will our digital systems become more efficient if we have a diversity of the people building them? This becomes even more important when we build algorithms that help us humans to make judgement calls: should we go for option A or option B. It becomes the judgement call of the person who built the algorithm. So many questions and thoughts!

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