New pants and apartment


1984, 451 Fahrenheit and Animal Farm, some of the best books I’ve read!

A common view in the household of Rebecca Ahlstrand is moving boxes and stacked books. In a few days I’m moving to a new apartment, so I’m doing my usual moving routines, and it’s a bit impressive how good I’ve become at packing! My new place is a bit further away from work, but top floor and a much quieter neighborhood! Bye bye cars revving 24/7 and stomping neighbors, now I get to be the top stomper. Also on the plus side: I get to ride my bike every day and watch the ocean from a sunny balcony!

I’m thinking a lot on how much I want to buy for my new place though. Since my management programme at IKEA ends after the summer, I’m not sure what my next job will be yet or if it will include a relocation. But I’m nothing if not agile when it comes to moving. Plus this is a perfect opportunity to maybe scout for some second hand furniture and participate in the circularity movement! You can read my entry on circularity here!

And it feels good to clean out some things that I’ve noticed that I’m not using anyway. I’m quite conscious about having an effective household. Stuff should get used or get thrown out! The only exceptions are my lovely books <3 And how much things does a person need during the summer anyway? Champagne glasses, a bed, a towel, a suitcase, coffee supplies and chairs for my balcony? Check.


Deja vu,  ~8 months ago, Stockholm. Same plant, different trashed jeans.

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