Trainee weeks


Whenever I come home from trainee week I always have a list with about 60 to-do’s. Meet those people, read about all the new areas I got interested in, write and reflect on some concepts and dilemmas, great ideas to solve work problems etc. The trainee weeks are a great way to have time to actively reflect on work, my development and the business. And of course to learn about leadership and practice it over and over and over again.

My brain is always in such a creative state after our weeks! Some of the trainees are just crazy creative and playful, which I try to soak in and learn from them as much as I can. We also always have a guest from the management team, this week it was our former CIO – Chief Information Officer, who ran IKEA IT for 6 years.

And then it’s nice to get to go out into the woods of Småland. Take a swim in the lake. Dodge the wild boars. Be in nature and just think think think about everything. It’s like a mental chock each Friday when I’m back in society. And at the same time I crave a trip to Singapore, like, now.


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