1 year anniversary


1 year ago I started working for IKEA as Management Trainee in global IT operations! While I’m in a new role now as IT Project Lead, I guess I still can’t use my “new at work” badge anymore..

Pro of being a trainee: you get away with asking about everything, get free trainings included in your daily schedule and get to follow interesting people and thus learn about and work with many different areas. Con: most people don’t think you’re actually a part of the company, or don’t see you as a full time employee with responsibilities. Some even doubt that you have a salary.

The reality? Management Trainees at IKEA are full time employees, with a normal salary and responsibilities, that get to meet many people, go to many trainings, and learn about and work with multiple areas in the business. What a terrific way to start a journey in a large company!

Now however I’m happy to dig deeper into my areas of interest in the business and, like any true millennial, make an impact.

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