“I can’t imagine having a predictable career”


An engineer that is average in math and above average in personality. I’m passionate, thriving and adventurous.  I like huge smiles and to talk about ideas, science, cultural differences and travels. As a leader I value personal development through mentoring, authenticity and clarity in the team. I can create inspiration, find the talent in others, delegate and hold a long-term focus of a team while executing the plan. I thrive in an international environment and enjoy exploring new places and creating meaningful connections.

I spend my free time dancing, painting, eating, writing, blogging, photographing, drinking coffee and staying in touch with my friends from my travels across the world.

As I’m closing in on my degree, I’m currently looking for opportunities globally beginning September 2017 in: Project & Change Management, Business Development, Innovation projects in IT, Transportation and SpaceTech.

I’m especially interested in Singapore, US, Shanghai and Panama.