I’m a Swedish leader driven by a curiosity for tech and how it can be used to improve quality of life for people!

I want to make things around me work more efficient and to help others succeed. I like to lead by inspiring people, and have a warm and outgoing leadership approach. I feel right at home on a stage in front of a big crowd, and get energy by connecting to the audience.

Specialities and interests:
– Artificial intelligence & machine learning
– Agile software development
– Business strategy & development
– Mentorships & leading
– Public speaking & communication
– 7+ years of experience in the retail industry
– 4+ years of experience as team or project lead
– B.Sc in IT engineering, M.Sc in industrial management and engineering
– Work experience from Singapore, China and Sweden


IT Project Lead

IKEA Group, IKEA IT AB, Helsingborg, June 2018 – Present

Digging into a DevOps transformation and continuing as Scrum Master for IKEA IT road map activities.

Key Note Speaker & Coach

Rebecca Ahlstrand, June 2016 – Present

Key note speaker at events for Consid, KTH GIANTS, KTH INDEK. Inquiries: reach out to me here.

Scrum Master in IT Operations

IKEA Group, IKEA IT AB, Helsingborg, August 2017 – September 2018

Participant in IKEA’s executive leadership programme which offers a unique combination of leadership training and work experience in an IKEA company. The programme is a long term investment from IKEA to develop its new generation of leaders and top level managers. 1049 applicants to 14 spots.

The 13 months-long programme is preparatory for a leader role in IKEA and includes key trainings for 9 weeks, such as Situational Leadership II, Enable Change – the IKEA way, and Discovering the IKEA concept. Throughout the programme I have held an assignment where I:

– Lead a team of 10 for IKEA IT’s road map with the goal to improve operational efficiency in over 600 IT solutions running 24/7 to ensure operations in 40 countries, while lowering operating costs.

– Lead a team of 8 as Scrum Master for emergency task force to ensure 99.90% availability of IT solutions and lower amount of system outages.

– Lead a business transformation in the implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence

– Regularly presenting to the IT leadership team and organization, consisting of almost 2000 employees

– Organized a course in machine learning for 20+ co-workers in IKEA IT

– Create and facilitate workshops for top level management and subject matter specialists

Management Trainee & Master Thesis

Playitfair, Stockholm, January – June 2017

I got the opportunity to work directly with the CEO of this software startup as I was writing my master thesis. During 6 months I developed a market entry strategy for the software company that was aligned with it’s product development strategy based on co creation. I wrote my thesis on the topic of using co creation as a market entry strategy and compared it to other strategies like joint venture, strategic alliance and franchising. I got the opportunity to deep dive into my interest for business development and entrepreneurship that I developed while working with startups in Singapore.

Project Manager

Pepp, Stockholm, August 2016 – July 2017

I’m passionate about inspiring others to succeed! That’s why I during my final year at university became project manager for the charity Pepp, with the purpose to inspire more young women to chose a career in science, technology, engineering and math. Pepp is a nation wide organization in Sweden. I led the Stockholm team with 9 project members and recruited a mentorship program with 100 participants and 7 partner companies. During 5 months we hosted 9 events together with our participants and partners.

Partners included: Spotify, NCC, Bontouch, OHB Sweden, Cygni, MT Ledarskap, and Acando.


Viddsee, Singapore, January – July 2016

For my knowledge and passion for IT and entrepreneurship I was accepted to the NUS NOC Technical Entrepreneurship programme in my fourth year at university. A part from my full time studies at NUS Business School I also worked full time for the startup Viddsee during 7 months. I created a new content acquisition strategy that became 20% of total content acquisition in only 2 months, reaching out to over 3 million active users. In 6 months I established collaborations with over 90 content creators. Defined processes adapted for automation and scalability. Created the marketing strategy for the Instagram account and in less than 5 months I grew the account with 281%.

Telecom Trainee

Huawei Technologies, Shenzhen, July – August 2015

For my knowledge and passion for IT I won the Telecom Talent award and received a spot at Beijing Language and Culture University to study mandarin before going to Huawei’s HQ in Shenzhen to learn about the telecom industry. The program in Shenzhen included courses in big data, IOT, market trends, cloud services, networks and telecommunications.

Bachelor Thesis

Netlight Consulting, Stockholm, January – June 2015

During my third year at university I got the opportunity to write my bachelor thesis for this IT and management consulting company. I created a framework of guidelines for in-house software development teams with high turnover rate to improve their teamwork by more efficient use of agile working methods, documentation and knowledge management. For six months I worked closely with their software development teams in Stockholm and virtual teams while being coached in agile working methods by senior development managers and management consultants.

Marketing Officer

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, October 2013 – August 2017

This was the most fun and developing extracurricular job during my studies! 30 000 hits monthly and 6000 unique readers. I ran the blog ‘This is the Engineer’ for KTH where I broke down prejudice about engineering studies and recruited new students. The blog was one of the biggest ones in Sweden in its area. Additionally I worked with other media channels such as the KTH instagram account and attended events where I represented KTH.

Sales Associate

XXL Sport & Vildmark, Stockholm, December 2011 – December 2015

Extracurricular job during my studies to finance myself without student loans. Primarily sales of sports gear and cashier. Promoted from Bromma to the flagship store at Hamngatan in May 2014.




M.Sc. in Engineering, Industrial Management

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, August 2015 – June 2017

I’m passionate about leadership and IT, so after my first three years of IT I wanted to shift focus in order to be able to learn both. The Master of Science programme in Industrial Management is designed for students with a profound engineering background who aim to take leadership positions in industrial and technology-based organisations. This was exactly what I was looking for. My favorite course was a change management project that we had together with a large IT consultancy company for 6 months. My team won the best change management project of the year! GPA 4.5 (5.0)

Minor in Technical Entrepreneurship

NUS National University of Singapore, School of Business, Singapore, January – June 2016

As a part of my Master’s Degree, I participated in an entrepreneurship program for NUS Overseas Collages. The program includes 7 months of internship at a tech start-up company in Singapore and business courses in entrepreneurship and marketing at NUS School of Business.  My favorite course was New Venture creation, where I created a startup company together with 6 other engineering and business students. We wanted to help companies attract top talent by offering mentorship from their own employees to the talent that they wished to recruit. The business idea was presented to 21 investors and got great feedback! GPA 4.8 (5.0)

B.Sc. in Engineering, Information Technology

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, August 2012 – June 2015 

This is where my journey in IT began. Being inspired by tech and IT solutions during my entire youth, it was a natural choice when it came to choosing my field of study! During my studies I had an interest in hardware and project methods. We had several projects in designing, developing and programming robots. My favorite courses were discrete mathematics, robotics and autonomous systems, and electrotechnology. GPA 3.4 (5.0)

Technical Preparatory Semester

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, January – June 2012

Preparatory studies in physics and math for my upcoming studies at KTH.


Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, July – August 2015
EF Beijing, Beijing, August – December 2010

EF Shanghai, Shanghai, July – August 2009
Full-time studies in Mandarin in Beijing and Shanghai, China.


STS, Bournemouth, June – August 2008
Full-time studies in English in Bournemouth, England.

High School Diploma in Natural Sciences

Spånga Gymnasium, Stockholm, August 2007 – June 2010

Beyond the studies of natural sciences we also engaged in activities like skiing, kayaking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, cave diving, hiking, mountain biking, avalanche security and basic surviving.




The Ken Blanchard Companies – Certification in Situational Leadership II

Älmhult, February 2018 

KTH – Host and speaker for The Future Needs GIANTS

Stockholm, February 2018 

I was the host for the amazing event ‘The Future Needs GIANTS’ at KTH that aims to inspire more women to choose a career in IT, computer science and electrotechnology. Spent an entire day on stage in front of 250 participants with very positive results from the participation survey.

KTH – IM Master Honorary Award

Stockholm, June 2017 

Best Change Management Project, class of 2017. Awarded for excellent performance in the project Technology Brokering – For a Sustainable Collaboration in the Financial Industry.

Microsoft & Universum – IT Girl of the Year, finalist

Stockholm, February 2017

Nova – Member

Stockholm, November 2016 – current

During my final year at university I was invited to Nova, a talent network for students and young professionals. I was invited with the motivation of demonstrated high academical merits and results, social skills, and finally drive and energy in combination with relevant experience.

Tieto & KTH – Change Management Project

Stockholm, August 2016 – January 2017

KTH Global – Moderator

Stockholm, September 2015

Huawei Technologies – Telecom Talent

Beijing & Shenzhen, July – August 2015

Deloitte – Deloitte Talent

Stockholm, May 2015

Ericsson & KTH – Innovation Project

Stockholm, January –  March 2015