Derek Tan, Co-founder at Viddsee

Viddsee, Singapore, January – July 2016

I love Rebecca’s analytical approach to building up solutions. She helped us set up processes around a new content role that we are experimenting with her during her time spent at Viddsee.

I love how she goes beyond to think about how systems can be built to automate the processes, going beyond just doing but taking a critical understanding on her role and how it can be improved further. Very rare trait to have! She brings lots of fun to the team & culture. A great team player, and awesome person to work with!

Jia Jian Ho, Co-founder at Viddsee

Viddsee, Singapore, January – July 2016

Rebecca interned with our startup for 6 months. She was a great addition to the team. She helped established new processes out in the company and provided an analytical perspective of all her efforts embarked on. Coming from a different culture, she integrated really well and brought new diversity to the team.

Nikki Loke, Content Manager at Viddsee

Viddsee, Singapore, January – July 2016

Rebecca is very conscientious and takes on her role with great professionalism and attitude. Her willingness to embark in tasks and streamline processes is truly impressive! It’s a joy working with her knowing that she will take charge of her tasks & voice out her constructive comments along the way.

Rebecca is a person who make things happen.

Andreas Runnemo, Manager & Senior Consultant at Netlight

Netlight Consulting, Stockholm, January – June 2015

Rebecca is a person who make things happen. The situation she studied (internal projects at Netlight) is a quite special environment. Because of this Rebecca started out with a rather limited understanding of what she was going to achieve, but with her outstanding energy and enthusiasm she did in a quite short time managed to understand the situation and to produce an excellent report that was of real value for Netlight. On top of delivering a report which got the highest grade at KTH she also held a very good and appreciated presentation at Netlight which was well above the level to be expected from students at Bachelor level.

Oktay Bahceci, Software Engineer & Data Scientist

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, August 2013 – current
Rebecca is very easy to work with, pays attention to detail and is a goal-driven person. As colleagues, Rebecca is very helpful and communicates well with the team. With her background in IT and soon to be background in Industrial Management, Rebecca shows leading potential in both management and the tech industry.