Happy hosts of GIANTS!


Wow! We just got the survey results and me and Aroshine got some great feedback on our day as hosts!

This is just an amazing Friday with great results from work, energy in my meetings and fun with colleagues. Plus this amazing news! I’ll need this weekend to just land and soak in all the happiness!

This engineer loves womengineer


I’m exited to share that I’ll be doing a guest blog entry for Womengineer! It’s this great organization that hosts cool events, introduce young women to engineering (introduce a girl to engineering day anyone?!) and showcase role models in engineering. My entry (probably in swedish, sorry) will be posted on their website in late March, keep an eye out for it! Still haven’t decided on the topic, so feel free to lobby!

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Working on my monthly video where I present what my team has been up to during the sprint (project talk for a period of working with agile working methods). Each month I’m given 60 seconds on tape and 3 minutes of presentation IRL with a few minutes for questions. It was challenging in the beginning because then nobody knew what we did and I had to spend time to explain that, but as we progress it’s getting easier to summarize! I hope it’s not because we’re doing less..

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Learning to accept that this is just my face and voice on video.. Although this is just a print screen.

Hi new readers!


My name is Rebecca! Growing up, I was told that if I work hard and smart enough, I can achieve anything. That is the naive and blind determination that I use to take on each new challenge I face.

My goal is to understand complex concepts and then figure out how to use these concepts to create a better life for people. I enjoy taking on projects that at first seem impossible, and then conquering them. It makes me feel invincible!

I wish with all of my heart that I was born into a later stage of space exploration.


Welcome to my blog! It’s mostly about my everyday working life and thoughts on my career, which is a high focus area in my life right now. I currently travel about 200 days per year, some with work and much on my free time!

I enjoy learning about space, physics, AI and Machine Learning, and psychology. I get my energy from empowering networks, mentorships, traveling, and discussing ideas and concepts.

Because I caught the flu last week I ended up in an involuntary coffee detox that I decided to try to stick to. I really hope that you’ll enjoy my blog, even though my mind is a bit slower than usual.

Finally: I’m glad that you’re here! Let me know if you want to know anything special, otherwise I’ll just blab on about whatever I feel like for the day. These days it’ll most likely be about AI or travels.

Great teamwork!


Me and Aroshine had so much fun on stage during the GIANTS festival last weekend! It was the first time we worked directly together and we had all our meetings and preparations over Skype, as we’re living on different sides of Sweden. It worked like a charm and I hope it’s not the last time I get to go up on stage with her!

This right here is what I aspire to! Inspiring colleagues, working for important causes that we’re passionate about, and having fun! I wish every workday could be like this!

As I’m taking my next step after the IKEA management programme, this is what I’m looking for in my next role. The cause and the team.

Too often I forget to treat work like playtime and just make it more fun. I think that’s the key to building passion and engagement from everyone. Less emailing, less meetings, less bureaucracy, more brainstorming and listening!

Jumping on AI


In management there are a variety of tools that can be used to describe the way that people learn, act, reason, communicate etc. They are models and frameworks that can be used in order to better adapt your leadership style for each person and figure out how you best can lead your team. As I’ve studied these models I’ve also done the assessments myself in order to understand how I work. So after years of studying these models, I find myself thinking “that was such a type 3 learning style thing to say”, “I’m really in development phase 2 right now” or “I’m having a very IF day for an ENTJ today” (yes I’m a total geek).

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading up on artificial intelligence (AI) over the last few months and I’ve reflected over my reaction to each article. I find myself wanting to jump intuitively at each opportunity to implement AI, and my head is spinning with ideas for different relevant areas and problems that it could solve. This is a very type 3 learning style thing to do (type 3 can be described as a get shit done type of person, interested in how I use my new knowledge to succeed).

At the same time, I find myself trying to slow down and not act on my instinct. Trying to be more reflective on if I need more knowledge to succeed with my new vision or if I have enough to start working and then find more info on my way. I think this is a tough balance. Because at some point you’re wasting time when you’re only reading up on more facts and not just getting to work. At the same time, by finding more facts you can succeed faster by avoiding certain pitfalls. But I don’t want to sit around a lifetime just reading more and more, never daring to take the leap. So where is the tipping point? The golden point where you know enough (to get started), and make it happen (while learning more along the way)? I think every innovator in the world is trying to find that sweet spot.

“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt” – Bertrand Russel

Prepping for GIANTS!


I was up at 04.30 to catch my flight to Stockholm this morning. It’s a nice contrast having been over the clouds watching the brilliant pink sunrise, then land in snowy Stockholm and huddle up in a café. I’m working from here today and prepping for the GIANTS event tomorrow at KTH! I hope you’re as excited as me and Aroshine!

See me previous entry on GIANTS here 🙂