Excited to join IKEA Group!


As my studies have come to an end I’ve been pursuing different opportunities in management and digitalization. I was surprised and incredibly pleased to receive and offer as Management Trainee in Digital Business Solutions at the IKEA Group. For a year I’ll be joining their IT headquarters before moving on into the organization.

I’m surprised because IKEA is among the most attractive employers in Sweden for newly grads in business, finance and engineering. Pleased because IKEA is a force of nature and I’m excited about exactly every opportunity this gives me!


To my dear friends in Asia: bring on the jokes. 

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Midsummer at the west coast



Midsummer is by far the most beloved Swedish tradition. It’s the time of the year when the sun barely, if ever, sets. The perfect reason to escape the city with your friends, head out to the dreamy countryside, dress from head to toe in flowers, sleep with flowers, eat and sing all day, every day! As we’ve left the human sacrifices of the middle ages behind, now we mostly dance like frogs and swim in the ocean.

I spent my midsummer in my friend’s house on the west coast of Sweden. A much needed break from the preparations for the fall.IMG_2096

IMG_2124 IMG_2159 IMG_2190 IMG_2204

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IM Master Honorary Award



My masters programme hands out one single award to each batch of engineers. It’s awarded to the most innovative solution and best performance in a 6 month change management project together with a company as client. Yesterday, my team was awarded that one single award! I’m so excited, even though I think that we truly did do an amazing job, I’m still surprised because so did the rest of our class. I even think that the presentations that were held in that course were better than many of the master thesis presentations I saw yesterday.

It’s been an honor working with the team, and now after, we’re spread out over Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden! Haha definitely the most travel-spirited team! We all went away for international working and study opportunities as often as we could during our studies. Just goes to show that travels does good things for you!


I started out my engineering studies by failing the first semester in preparatory physics and math. Now I’ve finished at the top. Never underestimate the power of a supportive network and very hard work. Give yourself time to adjust and don’t give up. Being unsuccessful your first, second or eight attempt is not the same as failing indefinitely, as long as you don’t admit defeat. Learn from it. Do it again. Celebrate your successes on the way. Enjoy conquering the seemingly impossible.

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Inspiration and leadership by example


ellawirstadgustafsson (17)

I believe that showcasing role models is the most effective way to create motivation and inspiration. It’s the reason that I fell for Pepp, and why I got engaged as Project Manager. Role models lead by example, they show that success and passion is tangible. The mentors I got to meet this year has done exactly that. They found new ways to engage their mentees, peers and me.

It’s been a pleasure to meet all of our mentors. The professionals who have shared their journey and experience as leaders and innovators. The young women at KTH who shared their energy, drive and mindset.

But the absolute highlight was to hear the vision of each mentee. To hear their passion for tech and leadership. To see their sense of teamwork and willpower in action. Their straightforwardness with sustainability and problem solving. This generation is sharp. I think we were all surprised during the spring by their shared insights. I’m thankful to know that in a few years, some of these young women will be my colleagues. It’ll be a joy working with this type of culture.

Continue to help each other on your way to the top. 

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