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Because space wise it’s not as big as a sofa = easy transport during my next move, wherever and whenever that may be. And who needs a sofa when you have a heap of pillows on the floor and an ukulele?

Product development at IKEA


This week I’m visiting our business area Kitchen & Dining, which is led by my mentor! I’m joining in on strategy meetings for product development and innovation for the upcoming year. Prepped by reading about our product range strategy from now until 2022.

It means that I’m having some early mornings and late nights in order to go between Helsingborg and Älmhult. But it’s totally worth it to learn so many new things! Plus I got to say hi to the entire team with 150+ people!

Product development is so hands on! This meeting they literally brought up the new line of chairs in the meeting room to discuss differences in design process, and how it affects the resulting model and pricing. Look at it, feel it, sit on it, move it around, stack it, discuss the numbers. Super fun and exciting to be a part of!

Visited a former management trainee last week who now works with New Business and Innovation! Cool product and business innovations going on there!

So extra


I told myself that I wasn’t going to be extra today and that I just needed to buy food. Still I came home with a pedestal bowl for my pearls, 4 tea light holders, 3 creams, 1 body scrub, 1 soap, fragrance sticks, chocolate and cinnamon covered almonds, sea salted truffles, a Swedish traditional horse with glasses, tulips aaaand an orange. Well done.

Live streaming a presentation today


I had such an energizing day at work today! High productivity balanced with reflection. I rounded up the day with a presentation to the organization, and I’m lucky enough to be able to present amazing and tangible progress in my project!

Presenting is an art and I love to practice it. My daily form was not the best, but still it’s nice to stand in front of the crowd and deliver news! It’s a skill that I’m currently focusing on developing, and I try to learn by doing and combining presentations with theory from literature and takeaways from great speakers.



Yet another awesome visit to design heaven! Today I went to the meat packing district in Copenhagen to visit Space10, an innovation studio funded by IKEA and the makers behind our Augmented Reality app Place! I was so happy to hear about all the things going on within artificial intelligence right now. A really inspirational afternoon! I rounded up the day with some ‘murican food and beer, getting some much appreciated quality time with two other trainees.