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Because space wise it’s not as big as a sofa = easy transport during my next move, wherever and whenever that may be. And who needs a sofa when you have a heap of pillows on the floor and an ukulele?

For real?!


Tired, because I stayed up late to read up on the new generation of servers adapted to AI tech. If someone would have told me during university that I’d willingly sit up a Sunday night to read about servers.. well I would have asked if they paid me well to do it.

Dear past Rebecca at university. It’s always more fun when you get paid to learn it! Plus AI is the next sexy thing. Keep up the good work girl. You’ll nail those exams eventually!

Quality time


Saturday afternoon in a hotel lounge with coffee and a classic! I love to get some alone time with my books. It’s a nice way to recharge after yesterday when I was out partying with my team to celebrate a successful task force project.