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Summer goal is check


My new stamps say that I’m allowed to sail on my own now. We’ll see about that.. I think we’ll find someone who also wants to have company. I have way too much respect for the ocean to head out without a more experienced sailor!

But wow, I’m proud of us! We wanted to learn how to sail this summer. And here we are sliding into docks with sails still up! Zero crashes. Many I-almost-tipped-the-boat’s. Can’t wait for next season so that we can level up!



Because space wise it’s not as big as a sofa = easy transport during my next move, wherever and whenever that may be. And who needs a sofa when you have a heap of pillows on the floor and an ukulele?

Frosted tips


A very “Helsingborg thing to do” is cold bathing in the ocean, so guess what I did today! Minus in the air and only 1 degree Celsius (33 F) in the water. I literally had icicles in my hair each time I was coming up and heading to the sauna! I think this will be a new tradition: coffee for breakfast and cold bathing once a week, good for the soul and to maintain my nerves of steel.

Mindfulness session


My very cool colleague Shilpi held a mindfulness session for us energetic trainees to calm down and enjoy the moment for a bit. A nice way to get the team together before lunch and to get us relaxed! Not that we ever have the problem of not relaxing together.. We wrapped up the day with dinner and glögg at my place. What a perfect Tuesday!