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Summer goal is check


My new stamps say that I’m allowed to sail on my own now. We’ll see about that.. I think we’ll find someone who also wants to have company. I have way too much respect for the ocean to head out without a more experienced sailor!

But wow, I’m proud of us! We wanted to learn how to sail this summer. And here we are sliding into docks with sails still up! Zero crashes. Many I-almost-tipped-the-boat’s. Can’t wait for next season so that we can level up!



Because space wise it’s not as big as a sofa = easy transport during my next move, wherever and whenever that may be. And who needs a sofa when you have a heap of pillows on the floor and an ukulele?

And napping


This week I can be found on Santorini, with a Mojito and book on quantum physics.

I love digging in to heavy books on space and physics, but I can usually only manage a couple of pages before I need time to reflect, go back and make sure I understand, and then nap on it.